Spirulina Powder (Feed Grade)

Spirulina Powder(Feed Grade) is an original organisms rich in vegetable protein,vitamins,unsaturated fatty acid and natural pigment.Spirulina powder contains rich nutrients,including water-soluble proteins,γ-linolenic acid(natural unsaturated fatty acid),β-carotene,vitamins(VB12...

Product Details

Feed grade Spirulina powder major uses:

  1. Feed grade Spirulina can significantly improve the survival rate,disease resistance and improve the output, usually used as the Larval stage feed of shrimp,crab,fish.

  2. As feed grade Spirulina contains three kinds of natural pigment(carotenoid,phycocyanin,chlorophyll),it can be used as the toner of koi,goldfish,tropical fish and other valuable ornamental fish,and it can effectively keep vivid color throughout the year.

  3. Feed Grade Spirulina can improve the meat quality and make them more delicious,used for feed to adult fish,shrimp,crab,etc.

  4. Feed Grade Spirulina will promote their growth healthily of pet,poultry,livestock, and improve its disease resistance.

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