Silica Sol

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Product Details

Silica Sol belongs to colloid which is formed by nm particles SiO2, dispersed in water. Molecular formula:SiO2·nH2O. it is odorless, tasteless and nontoxic.

Silica Sol does not affect the natural color of the materials to be covered, because of the colloid particles are only 10-20nm and have relatively large specific surface area, and colorless and transparent.

Silica Sol has the good dispersion and permeability when being mixed with other substances due to the low viscosity and can able to permeate to the place which water can permeated.

Silica Sol is a goods adhesive. When the moisture contained in silica sol are evaporated, the colloid grains firmly adhere to the material surface and the combination of silicon and oxygen is then formed between grains.


It has high bonding strength and high heat-resisting performance (1500-1600℃), used as the adhesive agent for various fireproof materials. Used in coating to make it firm. It also can anti-contamination, dustproof, anti-aging, fireproofed, etc. Also, it can be used in precision casting of thin covers, making catalyst, paper-marking industry, sizing agent of textile industry and the treatment agent of silicon steel plates.

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