4-n-Propylbenzoic Acid

4-n-Propylbenzoic acid, CAS No. 2438-05-3, C10H12O2, 99.5%,White crystalline. Synonyms: 4-Propylbenzoic acid; P- Propylbenzoic acid; p-n-Propyl benzoic acid; 3BA. Used in liquid crystal monomer, pharmaceutical synthesis...

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4-n-Propylbenzoic acid

CAS No.2438-05-3

Synonyms: 4-Propylbenzoic acid; P-Propylbenzoic acid; p-n-Propyl benzoic acid; 3BA

Molecular Formula: C10H12O2


                                                    Items                                                     Quality
                                                   Purity,%                                                  99.5% min.
                                               Appearance                                              White crystalline


Used in liquid crystal monomer, pharmaceutical synthesis.


25KG Kraft bag or Fiber drum, with pallet.


Stored in a sealed container, place in a cool ventilated place, avoid physical damage.

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