4-Pentylbenzoic Acid CAS No. 26311-45-5

4-Pentylbenzoic acid,CAS No.26311-45-5, 99.5% min.White crystalline.It is an intermediates used for liquid crystal industry. Synonyms: 4-n-Pentylbenzoic acid; p-Pentylbenzoic acid; 4-Amylbenzoic acid; 5BA.Molecular Formula: C12H16O2 ...

Product Details

Product:      4-Pentylbenzoic acid

Synonyms:  4-n-Pentylbenzoic acid; p-Pentylbenzoic acid; 4-Amylbenzoic acid; 5BA

CAS No:     26311-45-5

Molecular Formula:   C12H16O2

Structural Formula:



White crystalline. Melting point 85-90℃. Insoluble in water.


It is an intermediates used for liquid crystal industry.


Test Items



99.5% min.


0.3% max.


25KG Fiber drum or 25KG Kraft bag.

Transport information:

Not Restricted.  

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