CS Powder
CAS 2698-41-1

CS powder,a tear substance with high quality, goods price and stable supply (REACH Registration).

Product Details

CS powder, a tear substance with high quality, goods price and stable supply (REACH Registration). 

1. Product Introduction  

CS powder is short for [(2-chlorophenyl)methylene]malononitrile, the Chemical formula is C10H5ClN2. It is a tear substance, as a main material used for riot-control agent. Hong Jin Chemical is one of the best manufacturer of CS powder in China, our CS powder have the best quality, high purity( > 99% ) and low impurity. We are expecting become your long-term partner in China. 

2. Product Specification 

Product name

CS powder

Chemical name

[(2-chlorophenyl)methylene]malononitrile ;

O-Chlorobenzylidenemalononitrile ;

2-Chlorobenzylidenemalononitrile ; 

Ortho Chlorobenzylidene Malononitrile

EC Number


CAS Number


Molecular formula


Structure   formula

o-chlorobenzylidenemalononitrile-cs-powder07280371369 (1)

REACH   Registration


Technical Data

Test Item

Standard Required


Off-white Solid

Assay (HPLC)

99.0% min.

Melting point



3. Product Feature and Application 

Our CS powder’s feature have high purity and Low impurity. CS powder is main used to produce an riot control agent which used in spray by police. Also, it is a Pharmaceutical intermediates.  

4. Product Packaging

Packing in 25KG Steel drum, according transport UN standards.

5. Transport information

Hazard Class/UN number/Packing Group: 6.1/3448/II

6. Product Storage Conditions

Keep tightly closed. Keep away from food materials, alkali and oxidant. Avoid prolonged or repeated exposure.Store in a cool (low temperature), ventilated and dry place.